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India’s first and only Self-Care Portal for Cable TV Subscribers!

Dear subscribers, for us as well as our Client Networks,

You are the King . You have the full discretion to decide what you watch, how much you pay and how long . After all Subscribers have the unquestionable M3C(My Money My Choice) Right in any relationship.

The ever growing , exciting and entertaining Television World that is now at your fingertips.

Indian TV Viewers have an abundance of Content choice with over 800 Channels of which 332 are Pay and rest are Free to Air.

IDO will help you make a well-infirmed choice based on Language, Genre, Tariff and Format(Standard/High Definition) in which it is Broadcast.

You have the option to avail our Services by using this Portal or our Mobile APP or through the Field Executives appointed by your Cable TV Operator.

User Tips

IDO Services are available only to Registered Users who are availing services from our Clients from the Cable TV World.

We therefore suggest that you check whether your Service Provider has been on-boarded on IDO or not.

Once satisfied on this count, please proceed to Register either on the Portal or by downloading the Mobile APP, link for which would be sent by our Clients.

Please note that all Cable Networks do not carry all the Channels on Air . We therefore request you to recheck the Channel availability in A la Carte as well as Bouquet form that would be displayed by your Service Provider.

Please note that you can Order or renew Channel/Bouquet in advance and need not wait for the Subscription plan to expire.

You can order additional Content anytime during the validity of Plans already subscribed to.

You also have freedom to choose and order Free Channels . Please note that all Networks charge a basic Network Capacity Fee for fist 100 Channels and additional Network Capacity fees for additional Free to Air Channels that you may opt for.

We suggest that you check the Fees that your Network charges and also the Network Retail Price for Pay Channels. The Network Pricing may be same as or lower than the Maximum Retail Price shown in the Informative List of Channels.

To access all the information about your Rights and Entitlements, please click on Consumers Corner.

Our Client Network

Name of Network Area Website
Bhima Riddhi Digital Service(BRDS) Belgaum & Solapur www.brds.co.in
DL GTPL Cabnet PVT.Limited Surat, Gujarat www.dlgtpl.com
Dhruv Lucky Daman www.luckycablenetwork.com
Asianet Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) www.asianetdigital.co.in
RVR-Digital Hyderabad www.rvrdigital.com


Apart from Channel and Package selection, we enable you to-

  • View your Account and currently subscribed Channels.
  • Lodge Service Requests.
  • Make On line payments.
  • Avail services through the Authorized Employees working for your Service Provider Network.
  • Track the status of your Order and request by generating a Ticket Number Please note that depending on type of request, the Networks are provided between 8 hours to 72 hours to meet with your requirements. The Ticket number would be handy for you to follow up in case the matter is not resolved in time.

To know more please contact!

The Self-care portal for cable TV Subcribers will be launched on 28/12/2018.

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